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2016 Council eNotebook (21.7 MB - will take a while to download)
2016 Resolutions Compendium
2016 Town Hall Meeting Summary
Council Meeting Agenda
Reference Committee Reports Compendium
Schedule of Events

ACEP Committees
2015-16 Committee Annual Reports
2016-17 Committee Structure & Objectives
ACEP Strategic Plan
FY 2016-19 Strategic Plan
Action on Prior Resolutions
Action on 2013 Resolutions
Action on 2014 Resolutions
Action on 2015 Resolutions
Award Recipients
2016 Award Recipients
President-Elect Campaign Videos
Hans R. House, MD, FACEP
John J. Rogers, MD, CPE, FACEP
Paul D. Kivela, MD, MBA, FACEP
Robert E. O'Connor, MD, MPH, FACEP
Candidate Campaign Rules
Council Committees
10/13 Steering Committee Meeting
Council Committees
Steering Committee Photo Roster
Council Procedures and References
Councillor Handbook
Councillor Seating Chart
Councillors & Alternate Councillors
Definition of Council Actions
List of Resolutions
Parliamentary Motions Guide
Past Presidents and Past Speakers Seating
Procedures for Councillor and Alternate Seating
Reference Committee Assignments
Voting Keypad Instructions
Voting Memo from Tellers, Credentials, & Elections Committee Chair
Emergency Medicine Foundation
EMF Council Challenge
In Memoriam
In Memoriam
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Meeting Room Floor Plans
Mandalay Bay Convention Resort Floor Plans
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2015 Council Meeting Minutes
January 2016 Steering Committee Meeting Minutes
May 2016 Steering Committee Minutes
NEMPAC Council Challenge
10/13/16 Councillor Orientation
Councillor Handbook
Parliamentary Motions Guide
Voting Keypad Instructions
ACEP Policy Compendium
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ACEP Audited Financial Statements FY 2015-16
American Board of Emergency Medicine Report
Compensation Committee Report
Emergency Medicine Residents' Association Report
Secretary-Treasurer's Report
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01 (16) Commendation for Michael J. Gerardi, MD, FAAP, FACEP
02 (16) In Memory of Kenneth L. DeHart, MD, FACEP
03 (16) Unanimous Consent - Council Standing Rules Amendment
04 (16) Legacy Fellows - Housekeeping Change - Bylaws Amendment
05 (16) Young Physician Position on the ACEP Board of Directors
06 (16) Assuring Safe and Effective Care for Patients by Senior/Late Career Physicians
07 (16) Diversity in Emergency Medicine Leadership
08 (16) Opposition to Required High Stakes Secured Exam for MOC
09 (16) Accreditation Standards for Freestanding Emergency Centers
10 (16) Criminal Justice Reform - National Decriminalization of Possession of Small Amounts of Marij
11 (16) CMS Recognition of Independently Licensed Freestanding Emergency Centers
12 (16) Collaboration wtih Non-Medical Entities on Quality and Standards
13 (16) Crowding Kills
14 (16) Development & Application of Dashboard Quality Clinical Data re Behavioral Health Patients
15 (16) Enactment of Narrow Networks Requirements
16 (16) FECs as a Care Model for Maintaining Access to Emergency Care
17 (16) Insurance Collection of Beneficiary Deductibles
18 (16) Opposition to CMS Mandating Treatment Expectations
19 (16) Health Care Financing Task Force
20 (16) Support & Advocacy for 24/7 Hyperbaric Medicine Availability
21 (16) Best Practices for Harm Reduction Strategies
22 (16) Court Ordered Forensic Evidence Collection in the ED
23 (16) Medical Assisted Therapy for Patients with Substance Abuse Disorders
24 (16) Mental Health Boarding Solutions
25 (16) Military Medics Integration into Civilian EMS
26 (16) Opposition of Exclusive Imaging Contracts
27 (16) Pediatric Surgery Centers
28 (16) Reimbursement for Opioid Counseling
29 (16) The Opioid Epidemic - A Leadership Role for ACEP
30 (16) Treatment of Marijuana Intoxication in the ED
31 (16) Opposing the Development of Sublingual Sufentanil
List of Resolutions
Reference Committee A Report
Reference Committee Assignments
Reference Committee B Report
Reference Committee C Report
Reference Committee Reports Compendium
Resolutions Compendium
Schedule of Events
Council Meeting Agenda
Reference Committee A Agenda
Reference Committee B Agenda
Reference Committee C Agenda
Schedule of Events
Technology Instructions
Council Meeting Website
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Voting Keypad Instructions
Town Hall Meeting
Town Hall Meeting Description
Town Hall Meeting Summary
Written Testimony
Written Testimony Template