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11/1/17 Board Meeting Agenda
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2017 Policy Compendium
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01 (17) Commendation for James M. Cusick, MD, FACEP
02 (17) Commendation for Robert E. O'Connor, MD, MPH, FACEP
03 (17) Commendation for Gordon B. Wheeler
04 (17) In Memory of Charles R. Bauer, MD, FACEP
05 (17) In Memory of Diane Kay Bollman
06 (17) In Memory of Aaron T. Daggy, MD, FACEP
07 (17) In Memory of Geoffrey Edmund Renk, MD, PhD, FACEP
08 (17) In Memory of Salvatore Silvestri, MD
09 (17) In Memory of Robert Wears, MD, FACEP
10 (17) Chapter Bylaws Conformance Standards - Housekeeping Change
12 (17) Seating of Past Chairs of the Board in the ACEP Council
13 (17) Seating of Past Chairs of the Board in the ACEP Council
15 (17) ABEM Financial Transparency
16 (17) ABEM Governance
17 (17) ACEP Membership and Status is Independent of Other Organizations
18 (17) ACEP Wellness Center Services
19 (17) Advocacy and Support for Scholarly Activity Requirements for Emergency Medicine Reside
20 (17) Campaign Financial Reform
21 (17) Creation of an Electronic Council Forum
23 (17) Information Sharing, Regular ACEP/Chapter Contact, and Regional State/Chapter Relationships
24 (17) Maintenance of Competence for Practicing Emergency Physicians
25 (17) Resolution Co-sponsorship Memo
26 (17) Study the Impact & Potential Membership Benefits of a New Chapter Representing Locums Physic
27 (17) 9-1-1 Number Access and Prearrival Instructions
28 (17) Coverage for Patient Home Medication While Under Observation Status
29 (17) CPR Training
30 (17) Demonstrating the Value of Emergency Medicine to Policy Makers & the Public
31 (17) Endorsement of Supervised Injection Facilities
32 (17) Essential Medicines
33 (17) Immigrant and Non-Citizen Access to Care
34 (17) Generic Injectable Drug Shortages
35 (17) Legislation Requiring Hyperbaric Medicine Facility Accreditation for Federal Payment
36 (17) Maternity and Paternity Leave
37(17) Medically Supervised Injection Facilities
38 (17) Prescription Drug Pricing
39 (17) ACEP Involvement in State Legislative Activities
40 (17) Reimbursement for Emergency Services
41 (17) Reimbursement for Hepatitis C Virus Testing Performed in the ED
42 (17) ACEP Policy Related to Cannabis
43 (17) Expanding ACEP Policy on Workforce Diversity in Health Care Settings
44 (17) Guidelines for Opioid Prescribing in the Emergency Department
45 (17) Group Contract Negotiation to End-of-Term Timeframes
46 (17) Impact of Climate Change on Patient Health and Implications for Emergency Medicine
47 (17) Improving Patient Safety Through Transparency in Medical Malpractice Settlements
48 (17) Non-Fatal Strangulation
49 (17) Participation in ED Information Exchange and Prescription Drug Monitoring Systems
50 (17) Promoting Clinical Effectiveness in Emergency Medicine
51 (17) Retirement or Interruption of Clinical Emergency Medicine Practice
52 (17) Support for Harm Reduction and Syringe Services Programs
53 (17) Supporting Research in the Use of Cannabidiol in the Treatment of Intractable Pediatric Seiz
54 (17) Use of Cannabis as an Exit Drug for Opioid Dependency
55 (17) Workplace Violence
56 (17) In Memory of Robert E. Blake, MD, FACEP
57 (17) In Memory of James H. Creel, Jr., MD, FACEP
58 (17) In Memory of Paul Berger, Jr., MD, FACEP
59 (17) In Memory of William Wilkerson, Jr., MD, FACEP
60 (17) Commendation for First Responders to 2017 Hurricanes
61 (17) In Memory of In Memory of Michael G. Guttenberg, DO, FACEP, FACOEP, FAEMS
Schedule of Events
Council Meeting Timed Agenda
Schedule of Events
Technology Instructions
Voting Keypad Instructions
Town Hall Meeting
Written Testimony
Written Testimony Template